Photo Services

The possibilities……..With the software that is now available, it is possible to enhance, manipulate and repair photographs, making them look much better than the original picture.  It is possible to bring out color, contrast and remove any blemish in the picture.  It is common to replace the background of a picture, whiten teeth and even make a person look thinner!  Mediocre pictures can become great pictures with the expertise of our photo experts at Bart’s Group.

Photo Restoration:  The photo experts at Bart’s Group are able to restore damaged photographs and can even replace missing or damaged areas.  We can remove scratches or tears and correct color.

Your Photos:  We appreciate that photographs are treasured keepsakes that can never be replaced.  Your original photographs are kept safely and returned to you in the condition in which we receive them.

Quality:  At Bart’s Group we take time with each photograph to make sure that the results exceed your expectations.  We take great pride in providing extremely high quality photographs to our clients.  Many of our clients have had tears of joy in their eyes when they see the results of our photo services.

Contact us:  If you have a photograph that needs anything from a different background to color correction to a major restoration, please contact us either by phone at 661-433-6334 or by email at